Day plans for the 2017 Delaware River Sojourn: June 17-23 will be available in the spring 2017.

NEW! 2017 Delaware River Sojourn Overview (February 10, 2017 draft)


Note: This information was for the 2016 Delaware River Sojourn. Our day plans will differ in 2017, but these are offered here to give an idea of how the trip is planned. 

2016 Delaware River Sojourn Overview

View Map depicting launch and take-out locations for the 2016 Delaware River Sojourn  (NOTE: this map does not depict the updated take-out on June 25; should be Bordentown, NJ, not Quaker Penn Park)

Stretches to be Paddled:

  • Saturday, June 18: Skinners Falls, N.Y. to Zane Grey Museum, Pa. (or Ten Mile River, N.Y.)
  • Sunday, June 19: Zane Grey Museum to Landers' Pond Eddy Base, N.Y.
  • Monday, June 20: Worthington State Forest, N.J. to Driftstone on the Delaware Campground, Pa.
  • Tuesday, June 21: Driftstone on the Delaware Campground to Martins Creek, Pa.
  • Wednesday, June 22: Tinicum Park, Pa. to Lambertville, N.J.
  • Thursday, June 23: Belle Mountain/Fireman's Eddy, N.J. to Yardley, Pa.
  • Friday, June 24: Florence, N.J. to Burlington Island and back to Florence, N.J. (with the tide)
  • Saturday, June 25: Morrisville, Pa. to Bordentown, N.J. *Note: this day plan has been updated*

View Complete Package of Overview, Day Plans, and Safety Information

Please note that last minute changes may occur due to weather and river conditions.

Please visit the Sojourn Archives page for information on past sojourns.

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